Important News About 2015 Season

As hard as it is to believe, Spring is right around the corner!

Even though there is still plenty of snow left on the ground – with more snow in the forecast – it didn’t stop us from gathering at our 2014 CCBMX Annual Banquet this past Sunday.  To all those that attended, thank you and we enjoyed having you there.  We hope everyone enjoyed their awards and the slide show presentation.  The presentation has been posted to our website and Facebook page for those who missed it or who just want to see it again!

For those who were unable to attend the banquet – we missed you!  Also, we want to update you on a few important items regarding the upcoming CCBMX season.

·     We do not currently have an exact opening date for the season.  We will have a better idea once the snow has melted and the weather forecast is free and clear of any more snow.

·     We are currently in talks with the Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC) regarding their new access guidelines for this year.  In short, these new security measures will make it somewhat more challenging for riders and families to gain security clearance for access to the base.  While nothing yet is etched in stone, we are keeping a positive outlook as we continue to negotiate with base officials to try and retain the current identification and access system we have been accustomed to for the past several years.  We will provide more details once we have more information.

·    We are appreciative of our location on the JBCC.  However, these new security and access measures may be so extremely detailed, involved and cumbersome for each and every person who wishes to gain access to the base that it may be impossible for CCBMX to comply with the new access regulations.

·    In that regard, we are in the beginning stages of talks with regard to moving CCBMX to a new location in the future.  We are planning a meeting for next weekend for those who would like to be involved in these talks.  If you are interested in being involved in these talks and would like to attend, please contact us!  A new location would mean lots of dedication, hard work, and commitment, not to mention the financial aspect.  We would like input from you as we begin to put together a plan.  Networking, volunteers, and sponsors will be key.

·   Lastly, our original Facebook page has now been deleted.  Please visit our new page with the CCBMX logo on it.  Please “Like” the page and invite your friends to “Like” it too!
We will update you with details and more information as this matter develops.

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