Getting Started

getting startedGet started locally with the latest addition to the Summer Olympics!

To race at Cape Cod BMX, a rider must purchase a yearly or temporary ABA (American Bicycle Association) membership. This can be done at the track and costs about $45 per rider for a full year. With the standard membership, a rider can race at any ABA track anywhere in the United States! Discounts are given for multiple memberships in the same family.
The Cape Cod BMX Membership includes all the ABA benefits, and our new BOGO –  Buy 1 race and get the 2nd class FREE (same rider, same night, single point races!)  You earn and receive points on both bikes, however you only will be awarded for your best finish  (as per our standard trophy policy!)  This is a great opportunity to rack up on FREE district and Cape Cod BMX points as well as a FREE reason to try another class!  So why not grab yourself a 2nd bike!

As with any sport, there is a set of required equipment to uphold the safety of the athletes:

Your Bike:

  • Make sure all bolts are tight – especially your axle and stem bolts.
  • Remove any freestyle type axle pegs.
  • All reflectors/brackets must be removed for safety purposes.
  • If your bike has a kickstand, it must be taken off.
  • You will eventually need a number plate. You will be provided a temporary number plate with your membership purchase.

Clothing and safety equipment:

  • Long sleeve shirt.
  • Long pants or jeans.
  • A helmet. The ABA recommends a full-face helmet. Many ABA tracks have “loaner helmets” for beginners to use.
  • Any enclosed shoe is sufficient. Skateboard style shoes are suggested.


  • Gloves
  • Knee / Shin Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Chest Protector

Cape Cod BMX Bike Shop
The Bike Shop at Cape Cod BMX has or can get almost anything you need to be ready for race day. As a racer at Cape Cod BMX, visit the Bike Shop for complete bikes, gear, parts, adjustments or advice. The Bike Shop is open whenever the Track is open for Practice and of course on Race Day!

For other items, you can always order online at the following popular Online BMX Stores:
Dan’s Comp
J&R Bicycles

What are points for?
Points are earned for every race and are the measurement for standings in the ABA. The final position you finish for the year is also the number that you will run on your plate the following year. Points you can earn increase with your class, Novice, Intermediate and Expert. View more details on points in the ABA handbook. Some special races you can earn double, triple and even quadruple points!

How do I move up in proficiency?
There are a few ways to do this, the most popular one is to earn it by winning races:
8 Novice Main Event Wins moves you to Intermediate
25 Intermediate Main Event Wins moves you to Expert
Also, 5 National Main Event wins will automatically move you up to a higher proficiency.

Racing National Races
ABA also has large 2 Day National events across the country where kids of all ages and sizes can compete in their class against riders from all over the U.S. and the World. This adds another level of excitement to the sport as well as chances for extra points, getting into BMX’er magazine, large trophies of the most important – Bragging Rights!
National Events are also where you can see the Pro Riders put it all on the line and see some really fast action!
There are also Redline Cup events, local state championships, and more! Check out the Cape Cod BMX Schedule and ABA for more race information!
Please feel free to email with any questions. Membership info and the ABA rule book are available at